Friday, August 24, 2012

Top of the World @ DBar Center

So we visited Diamond Bar Center at the top of our city's hill and the view is fabulous.  The nice wind made the hike..well a breeze. My handler likes to have me stroll and run the trails but he needs to know I'm more into sniffing everything.  He'll learn.  Note to self, more sniffing next time.
Look! My ear hairs in the air!

My 1st Day w/ DBar Dogs

 Dear Mom & Dad (bet you didn't know I could email):
Today I went to the park & though it was warm, there was a good breeze.  I got to stroll the park and we rested underneath trees, ran on grass, & even played around the jungle gym.  There were 2 girls looking for fishes in the stream but they thought I was more interesting. I agree. After letting the girls pet me, I hiked on a trail for about 15 minutes when Drew said I was panting so we headed back to DBar Dogs and played around with 2 other dogs.  Since they were boys, I preferred to interact with humans instead.  Everything was great. Thanks for sending me out today!    - Love Lady